Seniors Walk for Inspiration

RRPJ-Senior Walk TOP-17May17
The graduating class of Red River High School went to the elementary school Tuesday morning for a “Senior Walk.” They went to inspire young students about their future.

“They’re encouraging our students to stay in school,” said Principal Shenell Deville. She said Red River Elementary School just had career day, and now the “Senior Walk” will add encouragement to the young scholars. Deville added “It will get them thinking what they (the elementary students) will need to do to be in that walk themselves some day.” Her emphasis is on encouraging student to stay in school.

The elementary students are winding up the school year. Today is the pre-K ceremony at 9:30 and the Kindergarten ceremony at 1:00 pm. Thursday is the 5th grade ceremony at 1:00 pm. And on Friday the 3rd and 4th grade ceremony will be at 9:00 am followed by the 1st grade ceremony at Noon and the 2nd grade ceremony at 1:00 pm.

RRPJ-Senior Walk BOTTOM-17May17

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