A Celebration of Service to Education

RRPJ-Years 6-17May12a
A punch and cookie reception plus awards and congratulations were passed out to 31 employees of the Red River Parish School Board. They were for years service in multiples of five. The presentations were made by Superintendent Alison Hughes at the May 5th school board meeting.

A name that some thought was missing from the list is Clevella “Ma” Gafford. She has served 54 years and will be presented an award for 55 years of service next spring.

Pictures of those present at the meeting and a complete list of teachers and other employees who were honored are below.

5 Years: Connie Allen, Ashley Dees, Ellie Drew, Tina Gantt, Janet Murphy, Betty Owens, Jennifer Pickett, and Tiffany Williams.

10 Years: Earl Creagh and Crystal Williams.

15 Years: Anicia Banks, Betty Calhoun, Joy Dowden, Rhonda Flores, Jill Holman, Rosalyn Murphy, Katherine Smith, and Angela Washington.

20 Years: Kathy Grant, Lula Harris, Cindy Holloway, Lisa Johnson, and Brandi Jones.

25 Years: Jacqueline Daniels, Brenda Iverson, Evelyn Longino, and Charlesetta Sims.

30 Years: Earl Martin.

40 Years: Alice Everett and Henry Kirts.

45 Years: Jerry Carlisle

In concluding the “Years of Service” awards presentation, Superintendent Alison Hughes said, “We appreciate each of you and thank you for the years you have given to Red River Parish.

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