Career Readiness Program Conducts Interviews

RRPJ-Interview TOP-17May3
Darlene Martin teaches the Career Readiness elective course at Red River High School. The program helps students get ready to find their first job after school.

Martin said, “The course causes students to stop and think about their future. Whether they plan to go to college or go to work, they need to play for their future.” She added, “They need to know what opportunities are out there.”

Recently students were given the opportunity to go through mock interviews. These are offered by a group of school volunteers called “Wise Ones Working.” The ladies pictured below conducted the interviews last Friday at Red River High.

The volunteers were rewarded with a delicious brunch of eggs and sausage casserole, fresh fruit, and fresh brewed coffee. Brunch was prepared by another Red River High elective course titled Pro Start.

Wanda Lemoine is the Pro Start instructor. She said, “We teach culinary arts for the kitchen and also restaurant management.” If you have attended a school function with food service most likely you were served by students in the Pro Start program. Last Fridays servers are pictured above.

RRPJ-Interview BOTTOM-17May3

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