_________________ is New Red River Football Coach???

RRPJ-Coach ___-17May3

It’s a small town and the “gossip fence” has been busy concerning a new head football coach for the Red River Bulldogs. So far, there has been no official release of the coach’s identity from the School Board.

“You know it’s true because I got it from…” and “I went to school with him back in the early 19___s” is all over town. Inquiring minds want to know!

The school board this week put out the word that a new football coach had been selected for Red River High School. A public meet-and-greet was announced for Thursday afternoon at 5:30 pm in the high school gym. But the board did not release the name of the person selected.

“We had about twenty applicants for the position,” said Superintendent Alison Hughes. She added, “The field was narrowed to eight who were interviewed on Wednesday. Then the winning candidate was selected.”

The public is invited to meet the new coach on Thursday, May 4th. The meet-and-greet will be held in the Red River High School gym at 5:30 pm.

Interim Athletic Director Billy Henry, Jr. has been conducting spring football practice. Hughes said, “The new coach will pick up spring practice.” Although Hughes declined to give any information about the new coach, she hinted to the Journal that he is someone familiar with the school and team.

The Journal has learned unofficially who the coach is and who his family is. The family still resides in Red River Parish. Our policy is not to repeat rumors, and not to report unless we have collaboration. So we, like you, will wait until for the official word on Thursday. It will be revealed in our Friday morning edition.

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