Walk for Justice

RRPJ-Walk for Justice-17Apr19
There was a walk to the Red River Parish Courthouse on Saturday morning. This is the latest development following the shooting death March 30th of Coushatta man, Earl Moore.

City police estimate 100 to 150 people took part. Those gathered heard from Coushatta Mayor Johnny Cox, Shreveport NAACP chapter President Lloyd Thompson and the victim’s mother Carla Moore.

Afterwards the Journal spoke with Thompson who says they prayed and listened. “We want what’s right ought to be done.” said Thompson. He added, “we’re not pointing hands at color, just at wrong. We should wait for investigation to be complete to see what facts come out.”

Thompson said, “It is a case of wrong. Justice should have been served at the courthouse and not in the street. We don’t have to take justice into our own hands.”

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