ETC…April 14th

HEALTH FAIR. Remember the health fair at the Council on Aging Tuesday. It will be from 8:30 to noon. See the March 31st edition of The Journal for details of the reduced fee tests that will be available. The event is open to everyone, and is not limited to senior citizens.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lewis Lawson and Nicole Williams for their accomplishments at the state literary rallies. Lawson took first place in Physics and Williams garnered second place in Financial Math. They are students at Riverdale Academy.

HEADING TO THE LEGISLATURE. Students, faculty, staff and administrators from Northwestern State University will join other representatives from the nine universities in the University of Louisiana System for ULS Day at the Capital Wednesday, April 19.

The day is intended to create awareness of higher education issues, particularly funding for higher education and restructuring of the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). Students will participate in a lunch with legislators, group photos on the capitol steps and recognition of ULS Day in the House and Senate chambers.

THE LOUISIANA LEGISLATURE – A PERSONAL NOTE. I covered the Louisiana Legislature for several years during the administration of Governor Edwin Edwards in the early 1970s. Reading current accounts of the beginning days of the current session, one could conclude that not much has changed.

The Capitol Press Corps (as we were known) would sit in our elegantly cramped quarters in the basement of the capitol and discuss the goings on. We would remember Brooks Reed “The Esso Reporter” on WBRZ Channel 2. His saying was “Neither life nor property is safe while the Louisiana Legislature is in session.” Sort of seemed like that to us at the time.

Brooks may have been correct, but he was not original. That quote is attributed to Gideon John Tucker, an American lawyer, newspaper editor and politician. In 1866 he wrote in a will case: “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” The quote is also attributed to Mark Twain. Sounds like Twain to me.

At this legislative session already there is talk of ways to overcome a billion-dollar-plus deficit facing the state. And there is talk of adjusting the personal income tax brackets, eliminating “loop-holes” for businesses, and on and on. Let your legislators know your thoughts. And remember the late Brooks Reed’s timely or timeless advice!

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