Coushatta Homicide Update

RRPJ-Homicide Update-17Apr14
Coushatta Chief of Police Kevin Stafford updated the City Council on the recent homicide in the city at last Tuesdays meeting. He said “we are working closely with the sheriff’s department. We are investigating other charges, perhaps some federal charges.” Stafford added “the investigation is ongoing so there is not much I can comment on. “

After the meeting The Journal asked Stafford if a motive for the shooting had been determined? He responded “that is part of the investigation that has not been concluded yet.”

As first reported in The Journal on March 31st, a shooting on East Riddle Street March 30th left Earl Moore dead and two men, Daniel Waites and his father Carrel Waites behind bars. Daniel Waites is charged with second-degree murder and Carrel Waites is charged with principal to second-degree murder.

Witnesses to the shooting report seeing two men arrive in a truck and then approach Moore. They report after a brief exchange of words one of the men began shooting.

Moore’s relatives report that the men had been looking for Moore for several days over theft of a gun and money from Daniel Waites. Moore’s mother, Carla Moore, said on the day of the shooting her son did not have a gun.

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