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Superintendent Alison Hughes presented her “…of the year” awards at Monday’s School Board Meeting. Hughes said “I love to honor students” and named an elementary, middle, and secondary student of the year.

Elementary School Student of the Year is Hayden Dowden, a 5th grader at Red River Elementary. Hayden is the daughter of Patricia and Michael Dowden. Hughes said “She has a 4.0 GPA in science. And she wants to become a doctor.”

Middle School Student of the Year is Elizabeth Hughes, an 8th grader at Red River Junior High. Parents are Timmy and Alison Hughes. The Superintendent said “Elizabeth has a 4.0 GPA and her favorite subject is English. She wants to be a pediatrician or physical therapist.”

Secondary School Student of the Year is Jon Russell, a senior at Red River High School. His mother is Joy Russell. The Superintendent said “Jon is a top academic student for our parish with a high GPA in the senior class. He wants to attend Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and become a surgeon.”

Hughes presented Ellie Drew the Teacher of the Year plaque from Red River Elementary School. Drew is a math teacher. The Superintendent said “Drew serves as a mentor for new teachers. And she works with students in helping with their math.”

Teacher of the Year at Red River Junior High School is Anicia Banks. Hughes said “she has been teaching over 15 years. Although she teaches business she takes on the responsibility for helping all students.”

The Red River High School Teacher of the Year is Samantha Sullivan. Hughes said “she is involved in many activities in addition to her role as an English teacher. She does a lot for the school and we appreciate her very much.”

Several people were named Support Person of the Year including Joann McCoy at the elementary school. Hughes says McCoy “has served as secretary and registrar for three years. She stays beyond work hours to assure that students get on the right bus and home safely. Other Support Persons of the Year are Gloria Harris from Red River Junior High, Denise Keith at Red River High School, and Alice Everett at Springville Education Center. Bus Driver of the year is Rebecca Moore.

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