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It’s called Therapeutic Riding and it is available at the Red River Cowboy Church at Lake End. Riders are children and adults with special needs. They are assisted by an all-volunteer crew.

Pastor Clyde Miley says “it has been my dream for 30 years to offer Therapeutic Riding. And we were able to put it together in September, 2015.” He adds “there is no charge for participants.”

Danette Westfall’s daughter Lilly has been a rider for about a year. “It’s fun therapy. And it builds her confidence by being able to do what other kids are doing.”

Westfall noted that she had wanted horse therapy for her daughter for years but programs she heard about were always too far away for Lilly to attend. She was happy to find the Cowboy Church program a year ago. Westfall said “I appreciate this opportunity and I appreciate what the people in Cowboy Church do for the participants.”

The riding instructor is Kathleen Woreman. She said “there are 15 participants at present. They ride for an hour each Monday afternoon beginning at 4:00 pm. Participants ride the same horse every week. They also help with caring for the horse and equipment.”

Heather LaGrange is in charge of the volunteers. More volunteers are needed so that the program can be offered to more riders. It takes up to three people to lead the horse or walk alongside. If interested, give LaGrange a call at 318-663-3847. And if you know of someone with a special need that might benefit from Therapeutic Riding, call Pastor Miley at 318-201-2626.

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