ETC…March 22nd


SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Here is proof that spring is here. The 2017 Red River Biddy T-Ball and Coach Pitch schedule is out. All games will be played at the Coushatta ball park beginning Thursday March 30th. Last game will be on Monday, May 1st.

WAY TO GO KIDS. The state literary rally happens in Baton Rouge on April 1st. Red River parish is well represented by students from both Red River High School and Riverdale Academy.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT INFORMATION. Last night was College and Career Night at Red River High School. It was part of the parent teacher conference. Students got information on College admissions, upcoming tests like the ACT, financial aid, the TOPS scholarships and other topics of interest.

ANOTHER SCAM TO LOOK OUT FOR. The sheriff’s department warns a new version of an old scam “seems to becoming more popular.” The RRPSO shares an FCC article on their Facebook page describing the “one ring” wireless phone scam.

The FCC says wireless consumers get calls that appear to be from a domestic phone but are in fact associated with international pay-per-call phone numbers. Usually the phone rings once and then disconnects. Returning the call may result in large phone bills and fees.

The FCC’s advice is to be aware that the scam is out there and check any unfamiliar number before returning a call.

IT’S OPEN! The bridge over 507 is open again. Most of the folks who regularly go that way have gotten the word. The several weeks it was closed wasn’t much of a bother to most of us, but it was an giant inconvenience to those who do go that way.

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