For six young ladies from Red River Parish this season’s prom will be something extra special. They will have an elegant evening gown to wear.

Last weekend the Cinderella Project invited these six ladies to come to Shreveport. They were given thirty minutes to shop, try on, and select their prom dress. And there were hundreds to choose from.

Spokesperson Ashley Busada of the Cinderella Project said this year they distributed 140 dresses in northwest Louisiana. And there have been over 500 dresses distributed since 2013.

To be eligible a student need only show proof of high school enrollment. No proof of need is required because eligibility for a free dress is on the honor system. For more information go to

Like the fairy tale, these ladies will have a beautiful evening gown to wear to their prom. But the story has a different ending. They don’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

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