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The story says the house had been used by the church youth pastor, and it had been used as rental property. The house belongs to First Baptist Church and is across Alonzo Street from their sanctuary. But this “old” house has a whole “new” purpose.

In the past year it has been transformed into a home for “Sewing For God,” a program started by Susan Taylor and other ladies at First United Methodist Church. They were crowded and shared a multi-purpose room at first church and needed a place of their own.

The Baptist and Methodist churches came together and now “Sewing for God” has the room they need to lay out all of their projects in progress. Anyone who likes to sew is invited to lend a hand.

The Journal visited the other day and found C’ann Norman and Mary Smith knitting “chemo caps.” They are attractive headwear for cancer patients who loose their hair during chemotherapy. Smith says “requests for the caps come from this area and some have been sent out of state.” Norman says “be sure to tell your readers that caps are made as requested.” Over a hundred caps have been handcrafted to date.

Another favorite of the ladies is making prayer quilts and fidget quilts. The Journal had to ask Susan Taylor what is a fidget quilt. Her response “you know, something to keep a person’s hands busy. “

Taylor says “we have Methodists, Baptists and ladies who go to various different churches in the community. And we welcome anyone who enjoys sewing, knitting, cross stitch, and arts and crafts.”

“Sewing for God” meets Monday at 9:30 at the house with the green porch across from First Baptist Church. For more information, call First Methodist Church at 932-4069 or First Baptist Church at 932-4023.

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