Effective February first it will cost you more to subscribe to a local newspaper. The paper in it’s latest edition blames the need to increase annual subscriptions on an increase in postal rates.

A story published last November on the National Newspaper Association website says rate increases for local In-County papers is very slight. The article reports
“Overall, Periodicals are said to be increasing by 0.832 percent. However, the price cells most commonly used by In-County newspapers escape any changes whatsoever, a boon for publishers for at least another year, most likely.”

And from News Media Alliance website last fall “the USPS proposal also brought good news for weekly newspapers that mail their editorial product. Rates in 2017 for periodicals within-county will largely remain flat.”

The postal rate changes went into effect on January 22nd, 2017.

The local paper states its yearly subscription rate is $26. In a separate ad the paper says “Effective Feb. 1, subscriptions will increase by $10 per year.” That is nearly a 40% increase.

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