Young ladies in the parish are being shown how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. The Red River Sheriff’s Department is assisting the school board in bringing self-defense information to 6th graders.

Last Friday, the 6th grade girls gym classes at Red River Junior High School met with Detective Susanne Gallier and Lieutenant Troy Murray of the sheriff’s department. Gallier says they are bringing self-defense to all 6th grade girls this year.

Gallier taught the young ladies how to get away in the event of a personal attach. They were shown how to get out of a bear hug, someone pulling their hair, grabbing them by the wrist or other dangerous situation.

Gallier told the Journal she is very passionate about women’s safety. “In this day and age girls need this information. They can do something to protect themselves” she added. And she says they can do something if attacked, no matter their size or age, or the size of their attacker.

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