Last Day To Get Playoff Tickets

Red River Athletics said, “Wednesday will be the last opportunity to buy tickets for Friday’s Regional Play Off game.  Tickets are $15, and they will be sold in the gym lobby from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or until sold out.  Make sure to get your tickets they are selling fast.”  Fans are reminded that no tickets will be sold at the game.

This is going to be a great game as two of the top ten teams in 2A #8 Bulldogs vs # 9 Amite will face each other on Friday December 4th at 7:00pm.

Last Friday under the lights and a light mist the Red River Bulldogs claimed victory in their first playoff game of the season.  The Dogs handily defeated Lakeview’s Gators 41-6.

Next Friday night, the Bulldogs will host #9 Amite at Strother Stadium.  Under Phase Two, the stadium is limited to 25% capacity.  That translates to only 400 tickets available for Red River fans.

Fans unable to get tickets may watch the live video stream of the game by Journal Sports.  The broadcast will begin about 6:45.  The game will be carried on You Tube on the Red River Parish Journal’s channel.  Text messages will be sent out to subscribers shortly before kickoff reminding everyone where to watch the game.

Check the bracket below.  A win Friday by the Bulldogs sets up a confrontation with rival Many on December 11th.  And the game would probably be played in Many.  The Tigers  have a bye this week.

Early Voting Ends

There was a very weak response to Early Voting in Red River Parish.  Early voting ended last Saturday.

Final figures show only 145 people cast ballots.  The light response could be the result of only one issue on the ballot in the parish, a proposed amendment to the Louisiana Constitution.

A total of 51 persons cast ballots in person during the Early Voting period.  Another 904 submitted ballots absentee.

The proposed amendment would allow college governing boards to have members that live outside the state of Louisiana on their boards.  At present, members must reside in the state.

Click on the file below to read the pros and cons on the amendment from the Public Affairs Research Council’s website.

Louisiana Tech Announces Fall 2020 Honor Roll

Louisiana Tech University has announced the names of students on its fall quarter president’s and dean’s honor lists.  Four local students made the dean’s honor list.

To be eligible for the dean’s honor lists, a student is required to earn at least a 3.5 academic grade point average with no grade lower than a C on a minimum of nine semester hours completed (100-level or higher).

Red River parish students on the list include Adam T. Bryant, Allen M. Jones, Jaden Jaleen Roberson, and Alyssa Woodard.                                                        

Join the Giveaway

Your friends are registering.  Are you registered yet for The Journal’s Christmas Holiday Giveaway?  We’re celebrating the holiday season and spreading around a lot of cheer.

The Red River Parish Journal is giving our readers a total of $100, awarded each publication date beginning Friday December 4th and running through New Year’s Day.  That is $100 every Wednesday plus another $100 every Friday.

Winning is as easy as 1-2-3:

 Go to the entry form.  Click this link:

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The Journal will announce a new winner selected every Wednesday and Friday morning through January 1, 2021.  Our first winner will be announced Friday, December 4th, so enter today. 

The fine print:  Each entry becomes the property of Red River Parish Journal. By submitting an entry, the contestant grants The Journal the right to use their name and photo for publicity purposes.  Each prize shall consist of a $50 gift card to Rivertown Market plus a $50 gift card to the York Chop.  Everyone entering the Christmas Holiday Giveaway will be awarded a complimentary subscription to The Journal’s email delivery.  And every entry will also be awarded a complimentary subscription to The Journal’s Text Message alerts for local sporting event broadcasts.  There is no charge and you may discontinue any time after receiving the first email and text.

Barn Burner Double Header

Riverdale fans were treated to the first home games of the season for both the Lady Rebels and Rebels basketball teams.  Both games started with Riverdale at a disadvantage.  But in both contests the teams came back strong to edge out Union Christian Academy.  Both games went into overtime before being decided.

The Lady Rebels game featured strong scoring by Kenley Loftin, Mary Claire Jones, Renee Prosperie, and Rylee Kate Woodard.  Final score in overtime was the Lady Rebels 51 over the Lady Lyons of UCA 48.

The Rebels came on strong, despite trailing UCA through the third quarter.  They tied the Lions at 55 by the end of the game, sending the match into overtime.  Riverdale took command and turned down a last minute UCA charge for a 60 to 57 victory.

Earlier in the day, the Riverdale JV girls and JV boys teams defeated their UCA rivals.

It was quite an impressive performance by both Rebels and Lady Rebels to begin the season.  The teams travel to Rayville for matches Saturday afternoon against Riverfield Academy.  And there is re-match with UCA on the schedule February 1st at Farmerville.

Cowboy Church Playday Saturday

The Winter Playday Series continues this weekend at Red River Cowboy Church.  This is the 3rd playday of the series.

Everything begins with Exhibition barrels from 9-10:30. Playday begins at 11:00 this Saturday.  This is a family event with horse events such as barrels, speed race and poles.  For the youngsters there will be a stick horse race and a goat ribbon pull. 

Get more details from flyer at the bottom of this article.

Organ Failure

By Brad Dison

Just a few miles northwest of Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is the town of Oberndorf.  Towering over the town was the bell tower of St. Nicholas’s Church.  The church and bell tower were visible from anywhere in town.  People for miles around could hear the bell calling them to worship. 

St. Nicholas’s Church was equipped with a pump organ.  In the days before electricity, the organist sat on a stool and pumped foot petals, alternating between the right and left feet, which were connected to a set of bellows.  The bellows increased the air pressure in the organ’s drum.  The organist pulled out knobs called stops, which adjusted the volume and tone of the organ.  (The phrase “pull out all the stops” derived from pump organs, and “pulling out all of the stops” meant the organ played at its highest volume and fullest tone.)  The organist pressed the black and white keys on a keyboard similar to a modern piano or organ.  The keys released air which passed over reeds and created different tones based on the length of the reed. 

In 1816, thirty-year-old Franz Xavier Gruber, a teacher in a neighboring town, became the organist at St. Nicholas’s Church.  In the late Fall of 1818, Franz noticed a hissing, wheezing sound coming from the bellows of the old organ.  The bellows were leaking.  Each time Franz played the organ, the hissing grew louder and the wonderful tones of the organ grew quieter.  The leak worsened until the organ would no longer make any sound other than a hiss.  Franz and Joseph Mohr, the assistant to the priest of St. Nicholas’s Church, sent for Karl Mauracher, an organ-builder from Fügen, a small town about one hundred miles southwest of Oberndorf in the Zillertal valley.  The valley was renowned for its many families who built the best quality instruments and played them just as well.

Karl gathered his hand tools and began the slow trip to Oberndorf in a horse drawn wagon.  Several days later, Karl arrived at St. Nicholas’s Church and assured the organist that he would have the organ repaired in time for the Christmas Eve Advent service.  He planned to have the organ repaired in time for him to make the several-day trip back to Fügen in time for Christmas.  However, as he inspected the organ more thoroughly, he determined that the organ needed more than mending, it needed a total refurbishment.  Karl worked on the delicate instrument as quickly as he could, but he was a perfectionist.  As it neared the date for him to leave so he could arrive in Fügen by Christmas, it began to snow.  It snowed until the wagon trails were impassable.  Karl’s work on the organ was going slower than anyone, especially Karl, had expected.  He knew he would not be home for Christmas, but he tried to complete the organ in time for the Christmas Eve service.  He worked in the short days of winter from early morning until late into the night.  On Christmas Eve morning, Karl told Franz and Joseph the bad news.  The organ refurbishment would not be completed in time.

Franz and Joseph searched through their sheet music for something suitable to perform without the pump organ at the service.  Nothing seemed to satisfy them.  In desperation, Franz quickly came up with a melody.  Joseph listened to Franz’s melody, picked out the chords on a guitar, and provided lyrics to fit.  They rehearsed the song later that afternoon until they were comfortable with its arrangement, then they rehearsed the song with the choir. 

Karl had become friends with several members of St. Nicholas’s Church and decided to go to the Christmas Eve Advent service.  During the service, Joseph and Franz began to play and sing their new song.  Joseph played the guitar and sang tenor and Franz sang bass.  The choir joined in on the choruses.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the song, especially Karl.  He asked Joseph and Franz if he could get a copy of the song to take home with him, and they obliged. 

A few days later, Karl completed the refurbishment of the pump organ and returned to Fügen with his copy of Joseph’s and Franz’s new song.  The following year, Karl convinced a local family of singers, the Rainers, to perform the song at their Christmas Eve service.  The congregation loved the song and the Rainers added it to their repertoire. 

In 1822, Ferdinand I, the Hapsburg Emperor, and Czar Alexander I of Russia spent Christmas in Fügen Castle.  During their stay, the Rainers performed several songs including the song Franz and Joseph had written.  Ferdinand and Alexander were impressed by the Rainers and made arrangements for them to perform on a European tour of royal courts.  The highlight of each show was their performance of Franz’s and Joseph’s song, which they saved until last.  They performed the song in London and the audience was as enthusiastic as any the Rainers had encountered even though the song had not yet been translated into English.   

Within a few years, the Rainers had forgotten who had written their most popular song.  Rumors persisted that the song must have been written by Mozart or some other renowned musical genius.  Finally, a special commission from the Prussian court dispelled the rumors and learned that Joseph and Franz were the true authors of the special song that we still sing each year at Christmas time.  Had it not been for the incredible sequence of events mentioned above, we would never have heard one of the most popular Christmas carols of the past two hundred years, “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.”  The English translation is “Silent Night, Holy Night.”               


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Kids Holiday Activity Suggestions

Magnolia Bend Academy has some suggested activities to keep your children entertained and busy during the holiday season.  How about a chain of days?

Fun Hands on Christmas activity for any age! Create a chain of the days left until Christmas. For younger ones, have them write the days 1-25. For older ones, have them create math problems to write on the chain. For Day 25 for example, have them write 5×5 or 20+5.



By Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr.

Vice President Pence, who heads up the Nation’s Corona Virus Task force, decided that it was time for some fun time and decided that he was going to vacation time in sunny Florida.  However, his vacation was called off and plans were scrapped due to an approaching hurricane named Eta.   Amid virus numbers climbing as never before, Pence would find time to take a vacation as Americans are dying in record numbers.  Republican Governors like Mike Dewine, of Ohio, Larry Hogan of Maryland, are calling on citizens to control their personal lives by wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings at funerals, football games, social events, and practicing good health hygrine.  Wearing a mask and taking responsibility for what citizens do in their own personal lives is key for the nation to conquer this virus.  Someone commented that “we are fighting a common enemy and it is not Republicans, Democrats or Independents, it is COVID 19”. 

It is now past time for President Trump to accept defeat and allow the county to move forward. Political experts and commentators are warning that President Trump’s behavior is putting the nation’s security at risk  His only concern seems to be what he WANTS, not what is good for the country,

While President Elect Biden garnered more popular votes and currently has 279 Electoral votes, President Trump is contending that the Democrats stole the election from him,  and without any plausible evidence has inundated the courts with frivolous and baseless claims of voter fraud in the red states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, states headed by Republican Governors.  From all indication, President Trump has mesmerized his base to the extent that they will do almost anything to support him.  I am informed that many Republicans do not want to become engulfed in a political spat with Trump and his base that could impact their election chances in the future.  They believe that Trump’s base, which consists of over 70 million voters, could bury them alive, politically.

We are witnessing one of the most shameful and embarrassing moments in the history of the nation all while there is a legion of crises facing the nation.  It is hoped and citizens are praying that President Trump will come to his senses and for the sake of our democracy, accept  his loss and rejection by the American people and do what is right and best for the country, not what is right for Donald Trump.  This ugly fabricated crisis by President Trump must give way to the Biden elect administration which hopefully signals a new beginning for greatness in all peoples.  

Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr. is an associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Grambling State University, former President, Grambling State University Faculty Senate and former Chair, Department of Consumer Education and Resource Management, Howard University, Washington, D.C.