Final water crisis call

September 18 qualified as the final meeting with the Governor’s office on the water crisis in Coushatta. In the last discussion with GOHSEP, town and state officials discussed the end of the months-long problem that shut down normal town activities. The Mayor reported that the old system is isolated from the new water system. He said that meters at the pump stations do not indicate a leak and that issues of individual residents were being addressed as they arose.

The Louisiana Department of Health confirmed that no water was being pumped through the old system. Testing for water safety is completed for the week, and the boil advisory ceased.
Additional testing of water will be conducted on a regular basis.

The water system is now running at 65 psi. Cleaning of the overhead tank can now begin. This tank has not been in operation for some time. Sanitization of the tank is needed. Water officials wanted to clean the tank to fill it when all initial water tests were completed. With the water tests at acceptable levels, the tank will be sanitized and filled. Once all systems are in place and stabilization is complete, the psi will be increased to 70.

School officials agreed that water pressure is now up, and all schools run on sufficient flow. Water tankers at the school, provided by GOHSEP, can now be removed. The Superintendent expressed gratitude for all the help given to the schools during this time. “Keeping students safe and in school has always been the goal. We thank everyone involved for working with us throughout this crisis.”

Citizens of the town water system have had mixed reactions to the lifting of the boil advisory. Some have shared pictures of cloudy or discolored water. Citizens should reach out to have individual meters checked. Everyone is advised to check for leaks or problems in their yards. Any issues need to be addressed by a plumber.

One plumber suggests that all residents of the new system should take steps to clear the sediment from hot water tanks. Residents may also want to check shower heads and faucets as debris can accumulate and lessen water flow.