RRJH volleyball season a success

Addison Bounds

Red River Jr. High 2023 Volleyball season has come and gone so quickly this year. It was such a good season for the girls this year. There were enough girls wanting to play that they were able to have 2 teams, a 6/7thgrade team and an 8th grade team. The 6/7th grade girls had a good first year, while the 8th grade team had a great year with 7W-3L. Both teams have so much room to grow and learn as a team and as individuals. They will come back even stronger next season.

There were two exciting games where two college women’s volleyball teams, NSU and La Tech, came to watch them play. They were able to get pictures with both teams and some of the players after the games. It was such an exciting time for the girls when the volleyball players they look up to showed up to watch play and took time to interact with them individually.

With volleyball becoming such a growing sport not only at Red River, but in so many colleges and high schools throughout the state, this is only the beginning for these girls. I can’t wait to watch these girls for the next couple of years. Huge Thank You to Coach Ellie Drew and Rachael Williamson for your time and effort you are putting into these younger girls!!

6/7 team
Ivory-Auna Pueblo, Alyssa Young, Nevaeh Johnson, Ariel Prealow, Masiyah Johnson, Chloe Borders, Raeleigh Borders

8 team
Ariel Jefferson, Jamerica Jones, Elizabeth Thomas, Ceryniti Taylor, Laynie Morse, Gabi Bounds, Ava Dickey, Ashlee Procell, Addilyn Steinert, Hope Williamson