Riverdale Academy beats Tallulah in season opener

Everyone’s favorite season has officially started! Friday night, Riverdale fans gathered as the Rebels hosted their season opener against Tallulah. New head coaches Denver Williams and Nathen Edie were filled with excitement as the rebels won their first game 20 – 12.

This year, Riverdale has undergone lots of changes, and our new coaches were not the only new faces on the field. During the half time performance, the Rebelettes made their comeback appearance after not performing for several years, and they did fantastic.

Also, the men of Spring Thaw introduced the new canon that would be fired after each touchdown that the Rebels score. After several years of having a modified canon fire, they are proud to bring back this long-time tradition.

But these weren’t the only reasons emotions were running high. Earlier this year, the RA family lost a very special person, Mrs. Debbie Johnson. Not only was Mrs. Debbie Riverdale’s Kindergarten teacher for 2 ½ years, but she was also a huge Rebel fan and known as Mimi to football player #5 Kyle Guillory. Mrs. Debbie never missed a game, even if she had to stream it on her phone, so it was extra special when Kyle scored the Rebels’ first touchdown of the season. We know Mrs. Debbie was cheering him on as always, and she now has the best seat in the house! Good luck to the football team as the season continues!