Water meeting rescheduled for today

A meeting with the Town engineer and the Water Operator has been rescheduled to Friday, August 11, at 10:00 am. This meeting was scheduled for Thursday at 10:00 am, but a note on the Town Council Door indicated that the meeting was canceled. Several persons from area businesses, the hospital, the school system, and residents gathered outside. Town Council members said the meeting would be open to the public.

Mayor Johnny Cox told the Journal they are cutting over to the new water system, and that is causing some interruptions. Customers on the Town of Coushatta Water System are experiencing intermittent outages and low pressure.

Over the past year, new water lines and meters have been installed system-wide. “Now that we are switching over to the new system,” said Cox, “we are experiencing a few problems.”

Cox said, “We are beginning the hooking up of businesses and other facilities with fire sprinkler systems. That should take several months.”

In recent weeks several water interruptions have caused the town to issue boil orders. Mayor Cox said, “We are under a Boil Advisory. Water samples sent off to the health department all came back indicating the water is safe to consume; therefore, we have no Boil Order. The advisory lets people know so they may wish to boil their water, but it is safe to use.”