Schools show LEAP growth

The State of Louisiana released 2022-2023 School Year test scores of third to fifth grade to every school district. According to the Department of Education, for the second consecutive year, Louisiana students progressed on the state assessments that measure proficiency in English/Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. Louisiana’s latest results show a two-point jump in the percentage of students considered proficient.

Red River Parish Schools were among the schools that made improvement in the percentage of students scoring proficient. Proficiency, as determined by BESE, is Mastery or Above on LEAP 2025 exams.

Red River Elementary had an overall growth of students in grades 3-5 scoring proficient. In ELA the growth was an 8-point jump. Every grade improved in ELA proficiency percentages. In math the growth was 7 points. The greatest gains in the percentage of students scoring Mastery were in the 5th grade. Both ELA and math grew by 12 points.

Red River Junior High ELA and math were up by 1 point overall. Unlike the downward trend for the state in 8th grade, RRJH’s 8th grade students saw the greatest percentage gain. In ELA they grew by 11 points and in math the growth of percentage was 5.

This growth for Red River is a continuing trend that has seen steady upward movement for the past three years.

A detailed breakdown of school improvement is still months away as the district must wait for individual student growth scores. At that time both individual school performance and district performance will be published.