Riverdale Basketball Update

By Molly Seales

On January 31, the JV Lady Rebels and Varsity Rebels took on Central School and came away with two wins. In JV action, the score was 33-10 in favor of the Lady Rebels. Makayla Pickett was in double figures with 12 points. Alissa Curry added 7 points and had 4 deflections, while Kaleigh Pickett had 6 points and 6 rebounds. Hanna Catherine Huddleston and Mary Claire Jones each had 3 points, and Bailey Borders added 2 points. It was a high rebounding game as Ally Kate Hillman, Krista Mancil, Madelyn Chamberlin, and Lily McCoy each pulled down 6 boards. In varsity actions the Rebels came out on top 52-10. Mary Claire Jones led the Lady Rebels in scoring with 10 points, in steals with 4, and in deflections with 7. Makayla Pickett also had 10 points. Jadyn King and Hannah Catherine Huddleston each had 7 points, While Charity Williamson chipped in 6 points. Jessie Kate Cobb had 4 points and led the team in rebounds with 7 boards. Georgia Carlisle had 4 points, and Emma Giddings had 2 points. Madison Chamberlin had 2 points and led the team in assists with 4.

On Friday, February 3 Northeast Baptist School traveled to East Point, where the Rebels picked up 4 wins. The JV Lady Rebels won 35-4. Makayla Pickett scored 16 points, and Mary Claire Jones added 6 points. Abbie Jowers, Alissa Curry, Hanna Huddleston, Ally Kate Hillman, Kaleigh Pickett, and Madelyn Chamberlin had 2 points each, and Emma Giddings added a free throw. The JV Rebels picked up a 44-14 win. Ashton Almond had a double-double with 14 points and 11 rebounds, and Tanner Carlisle also had a double-double with 13 points and 18 rebounds. Hayden Cason had 6 points, and Zane Givens and Colin Bates had 4 points each. Cannon Breedlove rounded out the scoring with 3 points.

The varsity Lady Rebels defeated NBS 61-30. Jessie Kate Cobb had 13 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 deflections. Mary Claire Jones had 9 points and led the team in assists with 6 and steals with 4. Jadyn King also had 9 points and let the team in deflections with 6. Madison Chamberlin had 9 points and 5 deflections, and Hanna Catherine Huddleston also had 9 points. Makayla Pickett had 8 points and led the team in rebounds with 9 boards. Georgia Carlisle added 4 points. In the final game of the night, the varsity Rebels picked up a 70-9 win. Ben Almond had 12 points and led the team in assists with 5. Mason Murray had 10 points, and Thad Bates added 8 points. James Wagoner also had 8 points and led the team in steals with 4 and deflections with 4. Tanner Carlisle had 7 points, and Colin Bates drained 2 3-point shots. Ryder Huddleston had 6 points, and Hayden Hillman also had 6 points and pulled down 8 rebounds. Kyle Guillory added 4 points, and Jace Wilhite added a free throw. Logan Gryder had 2 points and led the team in rebounds with 7 boards.

Riverdale will host the JV District Tournament on Saturday, February 11, and the varsity boys and girls will begin playoff action the week of February 13. Good luck to all of these teams in the upcoming games!

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