Water Status Update-December 26

Town of Coushatta Report on December 26th:

Late Monday afternoon the Town of Coushatta updater the water situation.

The water system will Turn a second pump on at 6:00pm for a few hours. This will hopefully give pressure for everyone to get water during this time. Unfortunately, this pump can only be ran for a few hours.

They continue to find and repair leaks and urge residents to check their homes and outlying buildings for leaks.

Engineers and workers will be back out first thing in the morning to continue the effort.

Here is the update from the town issued earlier Monday:

Crews continue to monitor and look for leaks. The Engineer will be onsite today to help troubleshoot the system and locate problem areas. Please continue to conserve water and check for leaks as areas of the system will begin to unthaw.

Christmas Day status of the town Water System:

Workers are out Assessing and looking for leaks. Two large leaks have been found and repaired already. More water is still being lost versus what the pumps can supply to the tanks. As water begins getting restored Please check your meter and if it is spinning wildly you have a leak that needs to be repaired. This will also prevent you from having a large water bill.

No ETA can be given until these leaks are found and fixed. So please encourage everyone to check your meter and lines. If you see a leak on the upstream side of your meter please report it to the Town of Coushatta.

Hickory Grove Water System Report on December 26:

Hickory Grove Water System customers the water is back on this morning we aren’t sure for how long. Please check around your homes, shops etc. make sure you don’t have leaks. Please conserve water as much as possible. This is asking no washing clothes etc. right now the water has a tint to it and will stain your clothing plus we just don’t have the water right now. Please everyone work together and help get your neighbors leaks fixed. If you happen to see a leak please call the office or a board member. We apologize for this inconvenience; some things are just out of our control.

Update Christmas Day:

Once water is back on please check around your house, shops etc. for leaks throughout the day. Please conserve as much water as you can for the next few days till we get out of freezing temperatures. We all have to work together during these times. Someone will be out checking lines and meters throughout the day also if they see your meter spinning wildly they will turn your meter off. Sorry but this is something that the system will have to do.

Since the water outages began the Town of Coushatta has been under a Boil Advisory.  The Journal has received no other boil advisories; however, water systems are required to post Boil Advisories when water pressure drops below certain levels.

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