Red River Parish Reaches New Heights For Student Achievement

Based on school and district letter grades and test scores released Wednesday, Red River Parish achieved a District grade of “B.”

This improvement ranks as the third-highest district in the state for growth performance for the 2022 school year. Even through the COVID years, the district grew from a 64.2 score in the 2018-2019 school year to a 77.3 for the 2022 school year. While other districts saw a decline in the years of COVID, our district accomplished some of its most profound growth.

Individually, Red River Schools achieved significant gains. From 2018–2019 to the 2022 school performance scores, Red River Elementary School grew more than 11 points. This is a stunning achievement.

Red River High School remains an “A” rating for school performance. This year, the high school grew again. Last year in simulated scores, the high school improved by 17 points. This year they increased another 1.9 points. Red River High School is now an opportunity honoree. This honor is awarded to schools that have subgroup performance in the 90th percentile for students.

Red River Jr. High has grown 5.3 points during some of the most tumultuous years in recent history. This school keeps moving forward.

Red River Academic Academy continues to excel. Last year this group earned its first-ever school performance score of an “A.” They remain an “A” and prove that the academic interventions of the school are working.

The successes of the District and the Schools are the results of this district, parents, students, teachers, and staff working together. Administrators, Teachers, and Staff work tirelessly together to prepare and execute lessons and daily activities that motivate and educate students. Parents and support staff have embraced the changes of a Balanced Calendar and new curriculum that increase individual student progress. Students believe in themselves and want to prove their academic abilities. The Taxpayers of Red River Parish have shown unprecedented faith in the stewardship of the School Board and District Administration to move this parish forward for student success and, ultimately, Parish improvement.

The school system said this success belongs to all of us.