First Board Meeting in New Building

The Red River Parish School Board held its first meeting in the new Administration Building, constructed near the sports complex south of the junior high.  The board found the new facility both beautiful and functional.  And they got right to work on several issues.

With little discussion Monday afternoon, the board voted to sell the old administration building and two adjacent properties to the Red River Parish Police Jury.  The matter was gone over at the October board meeting, then tabled to let members think it over for a month. 

It was pointed out at the October meeting that a sale to the Police Jury was the best deal for the board.  The Police Jury agreed to pay the full appraised value for the properties.  In addition, by selling to another government agency, the School Board was spared the cost and time it would take to put the properties up for bid while bringing in the maximum amount for the property.

The board’s Finance Committee opened the meeting with a discussion of two bids submitted to build two outdoor classrooms for the high school and junior high.  The low bid was for $538,000 and the high one was for $589,000.

Discussion centered around an email that was sent to bidders answering a question one of them had posed.  Also there was considerable discussion of the need to go back and hire an architect to design the structures before re-bidding the project.  Board member Gene Longino wanted the assurance of an architect.  At issue was the strength and ability of the structure to withstand wind and other severe weather.

The committee turned the matter over to the full board during the regular session.  There was more discussion over the building projects and whether the two bids should be rejected and the project re-bid, and discussion continued on the need to have an architect in on the project.  There was also discussion concerning one of the bids not meeting all the bid specs.

In the end, on a motion by board member Cleve Miller the board decided to accept the higher bid from Douglas Construction and Remodeling for $589,000.  Member Gene Longino voted against accepting that bid.

The public will be invited to tour the new Administration Building and other new education facilities at the high and junior high schools on December 12th.  Businesses will be welcomed from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  The public may tour from 1:00 to 3:30 pm.

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