Everyone Likes a Good Story

Friday morning is Story Time at the Red River Parish Library.  Each Friday the Children’s Librarian Kala Sims reads from popular children’s books.  Then the kids get a chance to work a craft project related to the story.

Last Friday the story was Stone Soup.  It was about working together and sharing to benefit everyone.  It seems no one in the village could give the travelers any food, so the travelers proposed making a pot of soup with just a stone.

They suggested it would be better if there was a carrot added, and one resident had a carrot to contribute.  So it went, one by one each ingredient was suggested.  And one by one someone had a little to contribute.  Finally, the soup was ready, but it didn’t taste like stone, it tasted like carrots, beans, corn, and all those little ingredients contributed by the people in the visit.

What adventure is in store at Story Time this morning?  Bring the kids to the Library at 10:00 am and find out.