Local 4-H Members Attend Wetlands Camp

Check out the highlights from Marsh Maneuvers! Campers planted marsh grass, caught crabs, learned about the menhaden and oyster industries, and much more! Two students from the Red River 4-H attended that camp.

Campers harvested marsh grass plugs to plant along a vulnerable area of Bayou Petit Anse.

Afterward they played marsh volleyball.

The 4-H campers took a tour from the US Coast Guard.  They cast nets.  They caught blue crabs. And campers they toured the Menhaden Processing plant and observed fish meal production.

Also during their week they toured the Leland Bowman Locks and 4-Hers learned about the oyster industry at Shucks in Abbeville.

Red River students Madison Chamberlin and Blake Francis attended this great camp last week.