Harvey Comes To Town

The Red River Parish Library event room was full of excited children.  They came on Wednesday afternoon to see the 2022 edition of the Harvey Rabbit and Friends Show.  They were not disappointed.

For over an hour Mr. Tim and Miss Laura entertained with singing, dancing, not-so-slight-slight-of-hand, and other tomfoolery.  The underlying theme was the library’s summer reading program Oceans of Possibilities.

The littlest kids sat on the floor up front.  They were the first to be involved in the show when Miss Laura was trying to decide what to do with a sheet.  You guessed it. The kids were covered and uncovered to hoots and howls.  The performance went uphill from there.

Harvey Rabbit is rambunctious and into all kinds of trouble.  His friends get into the act.  Of course, Mr. Tim or Miss Laura is pulling the strings behind the characters and adding to the fun themselves.  There was an orangutang and an alligator and a Frenchman, magic tricks that failed to fool the audience, fun and games and involvement of audience members.

At the end Miss Kala, the Children’s Librarian gave door prizes and a couple of t-shirts to lucky girls and boys holding the winning tickets.  And the parents were encouraged to sign up their kids for the summer reading program Oceans of Possibilities.

Every Thursday afternoon at the library, bring the children for games or crafts and other fun stuff.  Then on Mondays until school starts there will be a special program for the children.  Next Monday, July 11th Sci-Port from Shreveport will be there.  The show begins promptly at 2:00 pm.

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