Students of the Month Honored

The students selected as Students of the Month for May 2022 from Red River Public Schools were presented to the June School Board meeting on Monday.  They were presented certificates and DQ gift cards by Coushatta VFW and Auxiliary 7287.

Mckinley Grigg is a 4th grader at Red River Elementary School. Her nomination statement read:  She has improved her academic performance each grading period and is very helpful in the classroom. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help and support when needed. McKinley does not let anything deter her progress as she tries extra hard to turn in mastery work. The effort McKinley puts forth should serve as an example to her peers. In addition, her pleasant demeanor makes her a prime candidate for this recognition.

From Red River Academic Academy is Eli Hinson.  His nomination read:  Patient, kind, helpful, determined, hardworking, sincere, honest, easy going, just all-around awesome person. Eli is more than just a student in my classroom. He is my personal assistant, the sub whether I’m absent or not, and my motivator just to name a few. Eli always has a smile on his face and kind words to share. Eli gives 100% every day in everything he does. He constantly makes good choices, whether someone is watching or not. His kindness and empathy allow him to take the ugly out of the world and replace it with goodness. He is truly the example of what it means to be awesome.

The Student of the Month from Red River Junior High is Kinya Gray.  Here is her nomination statement:  She is an 8th grade honor student who has a great work ethic. She is always eager to learn and has excellent participation in class. That participation shows her engagement with the material and her motivation to learn more. She is very responsible and consistently puts forth her best effort to succeed academically. Kinya is an exceptional young adult. She is a kind and generous student that extends herself to help other students in our class. She is incredibly smart and funny! What sets her apart from others is her ability to invite all students to work with her even if she does not know them well.

And from Red River High, the May Student of the Month is Stormi Taylor.  Her nomination statement read: The reason I chose Stormi is because we have something in common – we are both new to the Red River High School campus. As adults, we learn to deal with adversity and change, but as teenagers, dealing with these things can be an extremely daunting task. Stormi has faced some obstacles in her path, but she is conquering them one at a time. She continues to persevere, and I am so proud of Stormi for striving to not only accomplish her goals, but to exceed them.

These were the last students of the month for this school year.  The local VFW and Auxiliary 7287 will resume the Student of the Month recognitions next fall.

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