NRMC to Open Its First Retail Pharmacy

On April 4th, NRMC is opening its first retail Pharmacy. Conveniently located in the Multispecialty Clinic, on the corner of Keyser Avenue and Bienville, community members are encouraged to take advantage of this great service.

Especially beneficial for NRMC patients, the onsite service will ensure prescriptions are filled quickly. Whether leaving a doctor’s office, discharging from the hospital or Emergency Department and need a prescription filled, or just in the area and need over-the-counter medications, this service will exceed expectations.  Offered to the entire community, not just NRMC patients and Associates, the Pharmacy is a full retail pharmacy that is well stocked, focused on customer service, and offers convenience.

The Pharmacy is open 12 hours a day from 8:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M., 7 days a week. “We are all about service,” explained Stephen Stricklin, Pharmacy Manager. “Being able to offer this innovative service is fantastic for our community. From extended daily and weekend hours to drive through and curb service to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this is yet another quality driven NRMC service, our pharmacy is something special.”

The Pharmacy team will provide Shingles and Pneumonia vaccines, supplements, and offer alternative medicine selections. The RxLocal mobile app allows for quick and easy refills, along with direct communication with the Pharmacy team.

From competitive pricing to acceptance of most insurances, the new Pharmacy focuses on patient needs. “We are pleased to be able to offer retail pharmacy on our campus, and we know word will spread quickly about how well it works,” explained Kirk Soileau, NRMC Chief Executive Officer. “Most importantly, our Pharmacy team has the experience and expertise to set them apart. This is an exceptional group of professionals who will be able to assist patients with complex medication needs. Our pharmacists will provide medication consultations and help customers down to the smallest details.”

For more information, call 318-214-5777 or fax to 888-698-1529.