School Construction Update

The School Board on Monday heard an upbeat, optimistic report from Superintendent Alison Strong that all of the new classroom facilities will be ready for students come August.  Strong reported on the progress of getting everything ready the next school year.

Strong was joined at the meeting by Mike Millizer of CDI Contractors, the firm building the new Central Office just south of the Junior High.  Pictured is a drone video of the building that was shown to the board members.

Millizer said the roof trusses were put up in four days, that despite rainy days they were unloaded and installed.  He said there will be sheeting on the roof within a month that will shed water so other construction can continue.

Earlier board members and staff were talking were talking about perhaps getting to move into the building in November.  On Monday, Millizer projected, “Sometime around October we will have the project completed.  The general construction should be done by then.”

The video clearly showed the roof trusses, a large parking lot near the football and baseball/softball complex, and the entrance off Bulldog Drive.