Students Of The Month For December & January

Students of the Month presented by VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287 of Coushatta were introduced to the School Board at the meeting last Monday.  Two months of students were presented at the February meeting.

The Red River Elementary student for December is Drake Stevenson.

Drake is a very caring and helpful student.  He is always helping me with tasks around the classroom and is always willing to assist his friends.  He is eager to learn and works hard every day.  He is learning and growing so much and is always smiling.  He is a joy to have in my class. Nominated by Hannah Kennedy.

The January student is Travis Dowden.

Travis is working hard in all subject areas and his grades have greatly improved, which reflects that hard work.  He asks for help when he doesn’t understand a concept, and offers himself as a peer tutor in math.  During the LEAP 360 Interim tests, he took all of the necessary time, plus some, to ensure he had answered all questions to the best of his ability.  All of his teachers have commented on his improvement and hard work in the regular classroom as well.

The January student selected from Red River Academic Academy is Kalynn Johnson.  He was nominated by his teacher, Intha Fields.

What I thought was going to be my biggest challenge this year has turned out to be the year’s biggest success story. Teaching math to sweet Kalynn has been both frustrating and rewarding for both of us.  Let me tell you, this girl is no quitter, not just in math but in all subjects, including dance in PE!  She is determined to get it. I have witnessed her fail an assignment just to turn around and redo it until she passes.  She will spend hours on a particular lesson.  When she passes the lesson, Kalynn and I are both doing the happy dance!  It is amazing to see what her hard work has done.  She now feels invincible when it comes to mastering a new concept. I always tell my students that we learn best from making mistakes, and Kalynn is proof of that.  She does not let her mistakes stop her; they just strengthen her determination to work harder.  We could all learn a thing or two from Kalynn.

Instructor Ellie Drew nominated Ke’Asha Clark for the December Student of the Month.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of being named “Student of the Month” than Ke’asha.  She is an exceptional student and person. She comes to class every day with a smile, and always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Ke’asha is confident, respectful, a team player, and most importantly, sets high expectations for herself.  She is an exemplary role model to all of her peers. I am honored to have the privilege of teaching her.

Coach Hanish nominated Porter Williamson for their January Student of the Month.

Porter is an outstanding young man.  His participation in class, amazing debate skills and positive energy are truly an asset to our Louisiana History class.  These strengths, coupled with a strong drive to be successful make him a great student at RRJH.  It is a pleasure to teach Porter, but an even greater pleasure to recognize Porter as the RRJH student of the month for January 2022.  Congratulations, Porter!

Mr. Reyes nominated the December Student of the Month at Red River High, Ghadeer Hizam.

Ghadeer is a 9th grade student at RRHS. She is in my Algebra 1 class and every day comes in with a smile.  She is always ready to learn.  During our Bellringer Review, she is always prepared to answer the question. Most importantly, Ghadeer is always ready to help her classmates.  If someone needs a pencil, a sheet of paper, or needs help with a math problem, Ghadeer is the first to help.  We are lucky to have such a caring student as Ghadeer at RRHS.  It will be exciting to see all the amazing contributions Ghadeer will make to her fellow classmates and to the community in the next couple of years.  She is very deserving to be a Student of the Month honoree.

And the January student was nominated by Amanda Vance.  He is Samuel Tates. 

Samuel is an exceptionally hard-working and responsible student.  I never have to worry about whether he’ll complete something I’ve assigned.  I know that he puts in a significant amount of his time to make sure he is always prepared for my class.  Hs is top of his class in AP Biology and will keep trying until he gets something, even when the work is difficult.  He is patient with his classmates and is quick to step in when they need help.

Coushatta VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287 present the Students of the Month each month.  VFW Member Lee Rodgers presented the certificates and Dairy Queen gift cards at the February School Board meeting.

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