Archery Team Preparing for Regionals

Members of the Red River Archery Team returned to practice this week after the recent two week school break.  Archery practices Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school in the Elementary School Gym.

Instructor Doyle Bell put the boys and girls through an hour and half of shooting practice.  He has players ranging in experience from beginners up.  They practiced shooting in flights of five arrows.  They are shooting at a target seven yards away and some of the youngsters shot tight patterns.

Red River Archery has students in 4th through 12th grades.  Bell said, “We don’t have enough students to make a team for district in Elementary, Jr. High, or High School so we’ll take our best students to the regionals coming up in March.  They will shoot as individuals.

Soon the targets will move back from seven to ten yards.  And with a bit more practice the students will be shooting from 15 yards, the distance at the regional meet.

“The secret is repetition,” said Bell.  He noted, “This is their first day (Tuesday) back from break and their accuracy will improve a lot in the next few practices.”

Archery requires lots of discipline.  Bell said, “We do everything on whistle command.  They learned the commands and how to perform every step during an introductory five hours of commands, safety, tournament shooting and other instructions.”

On Tuesday, the team gained one student from the Elementary school.  Bell said archery are welcome to join the team at any time.  Just come to a practice.

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