Teacher Survival Kits

4-H club members in the parish recently surprised teachers with survival kits.  What does a teacher need to “survive” you ask?

The message from 4-H was, “A big thank you for your hard work and dedication.  Enjoy these treats from Red River 4-H.”

Here is the contest list of the survival kits:

Pencil – to list your blessings every day,

Sharpie Pen – to color your day,

Candy – when you need a sweet escape!


Pipe Cleaners – for flexibility,

Wiggly Eye – when you need eyes in the back of your head,

Jingle Bell – ring for help,

Clothespin – hang in there,

Toothpick – remind you to pick the good qualities especially in yourself, and

A band – for flexibility.

The Teacher Survival Kits were distributed to schools in the parish.