January Quality Kid Of The Month

This month’s Quality Kid is from Red River Elementary School.  He was recognized at the January School Board Meeting on Tuesday.  Superintendent Alison Strong read Alex McDonald’s nomination statement.

Alex McDonald, a 5th grade student at Red River Elementary School, is an outstanding scholar who works hard to set and achieve her goals.  She sets high expectations for herself and is attentive and engaged in every lesson.

Alex is a leader in the classroom. She stays on task and helps her classmates stay on task as well. She is always willing to jump in and help others and is an awesome peer tutor; she has the ability to motivate others and yields a productive output. 

Alex McDonald is a positive, helpful, cooperative, and friendly young lady.  She attends school each day with the willingness to learn and grow from school experiences.  Alex McDonald is a terrific kid who deserves to be the Quality Kid of the month!