A Healthy New Year

As we end 2021 and begin to focus on 2022, Natchitoches Regional Medical Center encourages our community to take care of YOU in 2022. Listen to your body and get the care you need. Timely care and early detection can help prevent serious illnesses.
The path to good health includes staying up-to-date on health screenings and diagnostic exams. Below is a general guide to common recommended health screenings for both men and women and how often they should be repeated. If you have a family history of disease, your physician may recommend screenings earlier than the average age listed or may require more frequent screenings.

Age 18 • Routine Wellness Exam & Labs are recommended for both men and women. Blood sugar levels should also be screened to determine risk for pre-diabetes or diabetes.
Repeat annually.

Age 20 • Cholesterol Screening are recommended for both men and women to assess the risk for cardiovascular disease. In families with a high incidence of cardiovascular disease, screenings may be recommended for children and adolescents as well.
Repeat every 5 years.

Age 21 • A Pap Smear is recommended for women to test for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix. OB/GYN physicians provide this screening.
Repeat every 3 years.

Age 40 • Mammogram is recommended for women to screen for breast abnormalities including cancer. No doctor’s order is needed for an annual screening mammogram.
Repeat every 1 to 2 years depending on family history.

Age 45 • Colonoscopy Screening is recommended for both men and women to detect any abnormalities in the large intestine and rectum as well as colon cancer.
Repeat as determined by your physician based on initial screening and family history.

Age 45 • Diabetes Screening is recommended for both men and women by the American Diabetes Association to identify disease risk. Repeat every 3 years or as recommended by physician.

Age 50 • PSA Screening or prostate screening is recommended for men to help detect prostate cancer. This screening is performed by a urologist and includes a physical exam and blood work to measure prostate-specific antigen (PSA) present in the blood.
Repeat annually.

Age 60 • DEXA Scan for Bone Density is recommended for both men and women. This scan can help determine if you are at risk for osteoporosis.
Repeat as determined by physician.

It is important for you to speak with your primary care physician for a comprehensive list of screenings you need to stay healthy and on the path to good health! NRMC and our clinics are here to help you achieve optimum health. For a complete list of NRMC Clinics and the services we provide, please visit NRMChospital.org.