Fighting Kids’ Holiday Doldrums

Since Christmas has come and gone, you may now be beginning to hear complaints of boredom, “nothing to do” from your children, especially if they’re not yet driving age. Here is a suggestion from Red River Schools

Try this: Make a time capsule. Have each person make a list of their life in 2021. Create a list that includes such information as “What I like most about myself, how my friends would describe me, something new I learned this year, my biggest challenge, the thing I’m most grateful for, how I like to spend my free time, the things I’d like to change about myself, the thing I’m most proud of accomplishing this year, what I hope to do next year,” etc.

Have them also include favorite foods, electronic games, activities, TV shows, music and movies, closest friends, school classes and events, etc. Include photos, pictures or drawings, if you can.

When all are finished to their satisfaction, enclose the lists/photos into a sealed container and bury or hide it in a secure place to be unsealed and read at a far future time. (For future reference, be sure to make note of where it’s hidden, so you can find it at a later time.) Rediscovering it in years to come can be fun and stir sweet memories.