VFW Awards Students of the Month

A student from each of the four public schools in the parish was presented a Student of the Month award from Coushatta VFW and Auxiliary 7287 at the December School Board Meeting.  Superintendent Alison Strong called each forward and read their teacher’s nomination statement.

From Red River Elementary, the student selected is Jason Jones.  His nomination read, “At the beginning of the year, Jason struggled with his attitude and willingness to complete class assignments. With the help of Jason’s mother and RRES administration, Jason has shown tremendous growth academically and with his attitude.  Along with his new attitude, his participation in class has increased tremendously. He is a leader, and a big influence on his peers.”

Mazya Maxie was chosen as student of the month from Red River Academic Academy.  Her nomination statement said, “She was chosen not necessarily because she is an A student, but because of her work ethic in the classroom. She focuses on getting her work done. When she forgets to do her homework, during her down time she doesn’t grab the computer; she gets out her homework and makes sure to complete it. If she didn’t finish an assignment, she makes sure to get it done the next day. She does what she needs to do to be successful in the classroom. If a student is absent, Mazya will offer her notes for them to copy. Yes, we butt heads many days, but she tries her best at almost all she does. She is bold and speaks her mind. But she has a heart of gold.  She may not always sound like it when she speaks, but she cares about the people around her. She is very concerned that others do right. She is a leader for striving for academic excellence.”

The student selected from Red River Junior High was Yusra Hizam.  Her nomination statement read, “a good student is one who is a positive role model for other students. He or she sets goals that will allow for continued personal growth. Being an example for others to follow, by showing respect and a willingness to learn, sets a tone for peers to follow. Yusra is a good student. Her character and good manners radiate in the classroom. She is kind and helpful to others. Her positive attitude toward learning allows her to grow with each experience. She continuously pushes herself to be better. Her efforts in the classroom are to be commended. As educators, it is our job to teach our students. It is those students like Yusra who remind us just why we became educators. We strive daily to help our students become better versions of themselves, but sometimes, it is they who help us to become better versions of ourselves.”

And Keauna Henderson was selected Student of the Month from Red River High School.  The nomination statement read, “Keauna is a bright, hardworking, conscientious senior. A quiet leader, she can be counted on to complete quality work on time and to assist her peers, when needed, without complaint. Her easy smile and kind disposition make her not only a joy to teach, but a true asset in the classroom. Her spirit of community, strong work ethic, and desire to succeed make her Red River High School’s senior student of the month.

Each month during the school year the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and Auxiliary present a student from each school in the parish with a certificate and gift card to Dairy Queen.  They are recognized for their accomplishments by the School Board.  Post member Lee Rodgers presented the certificates and gift cards to the Students of the Month.