Red  River Schools Are Up on Statewide Tests

What a reason to celebrate! Based on the numbers from the Spring of 2021 tests and measures, Red River School District made a gain of 7.7 points in our District Performance Score. This gain is the second-highest gain in the state! Due to the efforts our Schools, Principals, Teachers, District Leaders, and our students are doing, the Red River Parish School District did not experience the decline in District Performance scores that most of the other districts in Louisiana experienced.

Making a huge impact for the district performance was Red River High School. Our high school has been diligent about bringing up their scores, and it has made a tremendous difference. They now have a 95.9 school performance score and would have an “A” rating if letter grades had been published, as well as being acknowledged as an Equity Honoree. Significant growth has been made in the school progress index, strength of diploma index, cohort grad rate, and graduation rate. This district is both excited by the development and proud of their accomplishments in a year when 1/2 of the students started the year as virtual learners. Although we have room for improvement regarding both the assessment and ACT index, we know we will quickly match the same level of increase. Highlights for this school include a Graduation Rate that now tops 96%. Grad Rate is measured from the cohort that begins school together in the 9th grade and graduates 4 years later. The cohort graduation index is 115.8. At the High School, the progress index is 89.8. Way to go, Red River High School!

Not to be outdone, we are shouting the success of Red River Academic Academy. This school received its first-ever school performance score in the 2020-2021 school year. It is graded on academic progress only, with an index score of 110.9. This score secures RRAA as an “A” school. YES, an A school! The school should be a Top Gains school and an Equity Honoree for the state. We are so proud of you, RRAA!

Continuing with district accolades, Red River Jr High also had an increase in simulated SPS. This school saw an increase of 5 pts. In the wake of so many Jr. High indexes dropping, this is a highlight for the school and the school district! We know our staff, teachers and students have been committed to continuing to improve. We are so proud of the work they have done, and we know will only continue to do.

When so many elementary schools had disastrous drops in scores, Red River Elementary School did not! Even though we are working on areas of improvement for our Elementary, we are pleased that there was no significant drop in SPS for this school in the simulations. The efforts of all the teachers and the administration to bring students back from virtual learning and re-join the in-person setting proved to be successful. Students also took advantage of the Intersession instruction to combat the learning lost during the shut-down of 2020. These are our most vulnerable groups of students, and we are continuing to push for significant gains for this school. The most significant score that an elementary school has is the assessment index. For the elementary to have only dropped 1 point is a testament to the work that they are doing. Great job, RRES!

Unfortunately, during the 2021-2022 school year, the grading scale for all schools and districts will once again be changed by the state. The grading scale is raised by 5 points in every category. Overall, the release of the scores gives Red River Parish a reason to celebrate. The Louisiana Department of Education reports highlights the work that the district continues to make changes that are positively impacting the lives of children in Red River Parish. As we continue to work together, we know our greatest resource, our children, will continue to reap the benefits of that effort.

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