Gaddis’ Book Available At The Library

The Red River Parish Library said they have received a copy of “Growing up with Joy”  This biographical work was done by Coushatta native, Joy Gaddis and outlines her life and experiences growing up in Coushatta and surrounding areas.  Chapters include her growing up during the Depression, Life on Twitchell Street, School Days, WW2, and Elm Grove Plantation.  The book is available to check out from the library.

The Journal asked author Joy Gaddis about her life growing up here. “It was interesting.” She said,  “The little house I grew up in on Twitchell Street just burned down recently.  Were just 4 houses on that little street where most everything in the book occurred,” added Gaddis.

Gaddis said she is working on another book right now.  She said, “It will tell rest of my life story.”

What inspired her to write it?  Gaddis said, “I’ve been writing this all my life.  I kept a little diary from the time I learned to write.  I would write little things that would happen, so I had all that to remember.  I wrote about before I was born, and after and things I remembered myself.  My children also wanted me to write these things down so they would have a record of their family.”

Joy Gaddis chuckled as she described the publication.  I put the word out before it was published that there was a nude picture of myself on the cover.  That sold a lot of books!”  A nude picture we asked? Gaddis said, “That picture is me at age 1 to 18 months.  We were living over at Lake End at the time.  Daddy had a little store there.”

She said, “The picture was taken outside the store, probably on the back where we lived in a little shack behind the store. It was a general store and service station with a back porch.

One night the robbers came and took everything in the store, so we moved.  Then later on we moved to Twitchell St. in Coushatta.  That is where a lot of things in the book happened.”

You can check out Joy Gaddis’ book “Growing Up With Joy” at the Red River Parish Library or buy it from various book sellers or online. 

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