Fire Board Will Pay Firefighters for Excess Vacation Time

Recently the Fire Department Civil Service Board voted to limit accumulated vacation time to 240 hours.  The action was effective on Monday.  So, when the Fire Department Board met on Monday, they voted to pay for all hours over the 240 limit.

During the meeting it was stated that there are three firefighters presently with more than 240 hours vacation time accrued.  There are several others approaching the 240 hour limit.  Several figures were discussed during the meeting for the total cost of the payments with an estimate that the total payments would amount to $6,000 to $7,000.

The Civil Service Board action means that any firefighter with more than 240 hours at the end of the year will lose all leave over that limit.  Under that new requirement the Fire Board acted so firefighters will get the benefit of all their accumulated leave.

From Monday forward, all firefighters who accrue over the 240 hour limit for the rest of this year will have to option to take the time off or loose the excess.

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