Liability Insurance Required to Use Springville Park

At the June meeting the Red River Parish Police Jury voted to require people or groups using the Springville Park to have liability insurance.  On a motion from Juror Jessie Davis the amount of required coverage was set at $300,000.

During discussion the $300,000 amount was mentioned as the level of liability insurance required at other events in this area that involve the public using various facilities.  Jurors felt that insurance is needed to protect the jury and others from lawsuits in the event of an accident.

Also discussed about the Springville Park was the lack of willingness of people to pay to use the electricity and water at the park.  The pavilion is closed until everything is opened back up.  There was talk of fencing off the pavilion to keep people out as well as preventing access to water and electricity.  Another concern was people putting trash in the park.

Why are these restrictions necessary?  Davis said, “They don’t want to rent it, but to just go and use it.” 

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