A Ladies Day Out

Last weekend Abundant Life Worship Center held a Ladies day out.  They report it was full of fun, food, fellowship, great conversations, plenty of sunshine, and exploring Downtown Natchitoches! We had such a great turn out.

Stayed tuned for more opportunities to connect with the women of ALWC Coushatta! 
“Iron sharpeneth iron; So a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17.

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Oil and Gas Industry Needs “Sanctuary” Too

By Royal Alexander

State Rep. Danny McCormick recently introduced House Bill 617, seeking to have Louisiana designated and declared a “sanctuary” state for fossil fuels in order to protect our oil and gas industry—a critically important part of our state’s economy—that is again under attack, this time by the Biden Administration.

There is certainly precedent for Rep. McCormick’s legislation.  We’ve seen sanctuary cities and states across the country, even without enabling legislation like McCormick’s, refuse to help enforce federal immigration law regarding the location and deportation of illegal aliens, often including criminal aliens.  So, the idea of a state ignoring federal law is not new. 

And, while McCormick’s legislation will face an uphill fight due to the Supremacy Clause of our U.S. Constitution—which essentially declares that federal law trumps state law—that in no way diminishes the principle underscoring the legislation. 

We are talking about the principle of state sovereignty.  We must remember that our Constitution created and designed our federal government and the 50 state governments to exist as co-equal sovereigns.  This principle of state sovereignty is powerfully pronounced and preserved by the 10th Amendment which clearly and succinctly declares that those rights not specifically and expressly enumerated in our Constitution as being granted to the federal government are reserved to and for the states and the people. 

Derived from the 10th Amendment, the legal theory upon which the legislation is based is the concept of nullification.  This is the process by which a state would nullify or declare null and void a federal law that violates the Constitution.  Here, the constitutional violation arguably includes the fact that the oil and gas industry, a major Louisiana industry with tens of thousands of jobs flowing directly and indirectly from it, are the “property” of Louisiana companies and individual citizens that are being deprived “without due process of law.”  This also arguably amounts to a 5th Amendment “taking” for a “public use” but “without just compensation.” 

[We should note that the production of fossil fuels has been attacked relentlessly, worldwide, supposedly to combat the eons-old cyclical warming and cooling of our planet.  However, according to Dr. Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder, “there is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years … no actual proof, as it is understood in science, actually exists.”]

McCormick’s legislation, similar to the way sanctuary cities and states have disregarded federal immigration law, would likely work like this: the federal government would obviously still be free to enforce its own anti-oil and gas regulations with its own resources but states like Louisiana could simply say to the feds “we are not going to cooperate in helping you enforce those laws” with our own efforts, funds, assets, or resources.  This is because the U.S. Supreme Court has held that, while the federal government may dangle federal dollars in front of states in order to incentivize certain conduct, it may not “commandeer” the states and force them to do so.

It is beyond dispute that the economic impact of federal laws and regulations on Louisiana’s oil and gas industry has been devastating.  For this reason, we can and must find a way to balance energy and industry with good environmental stewardship while remembering that the worst environment one can be in is to be cold, hungry, and unemployed.

[I am confident that if the Biden Administration also overreaches on other issues like 2nd Amendment gun rights and gun ownership, we will see more states undertake efforts like this one.]

Again, this undertaking will obviously face many obstacles but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.  Our Framers fully recognized that co-equal, shared power between the federal and state governments would necessarily involve tensions and friction, which they viewed as healthy in our system of dual sovereignty.

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Magnolia Bend Academy Graduation Scheduled

Thursday evening will be the annual Commencement Ceremony for Magnolia Bend Academy.  The event will be held at Red River Cowboy Church at Lake End beginning at 6:00 pm.

On Monday night, Magnolia Bend held an 8th grade graduation.  Tuesday night was the Junior Ring Ceremony.  And at 10:00 am Tuesday there was a Kindergarten graduation held at the school.

The graduation program is included in the file below.

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Northwestern State Hosting Two-Man Golf Scramble May 8

The Northwestern State men’s basketball team is hosting a two-man golf scramble on May 8 at the Coushatta Country Club.  The two-man teams can enter for $200. The start time will be 9 a.m.  Lunch will be provided, and prizes are available for the top three teams. First place takes home $400, second place $300 and third place $200.

Teams can register online at nsudemons.com on the men’s basketball portion of the website (or at https://bit.ly/2Qr1Can)

Businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities can sponsor a hole for $100 or the entire tournament for $400. The sponsorship deadline is April 30.

For more information, contact men’s basketball assistant coach Johnny Cox at coxjo@nsula.edu or at 318-481-5300.

PHOTO CREDIT: Gary Hardamon/NSU Photographic Services

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Educational Diagnostician

The Red River Parish School Board is seeking to fill the position of Educational Diagnostician. Must have a valid certification as Educational Diagnostician, according to Louisiana Department of Education (Bulletin 746). The job goal of this job will be to accurately assess the educational needs of students and function as a member of a multidisciplinary team in accordance with guidelines set forth in Bulletin 1508 and regulations implementing LRS 17:1941 et.seq.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • To explain and interpret the educational assessment services and assessments finds to parents, teachers, principals and other members of the school system.
  • To assist teachers and other personnel in the design and implementation of educational and behavioral interventions for referred students.
  • To serve as assessment team leader.
  • To evaluate as a member of the system multi-disciplinary team.
  • To function as evaluation coordinator for designated referred students.
  • To function as Support Service Provider for designated non-exceptional students.
  • To serve as a liaison to designated School Building Level Committees.
  • To participate in special education eligibility determinations and IEP staffing.
  • To serve as a resource person at conferences and in-service meetings in matters within the expertise of the school Educational Diagnostician.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with the community and community agencies to deliver services to students.
  • To maintain accurate case records on all students regarding their referrals, evaluations and any other services provided by the assessment teacher in accordance with the requirements of parish, state, federal laws, regulations and/or policies.
  • To provide a written report of any educational assessment or other services provided to students.
  • To attend staff, professional and inter-agency meetings including those assigned.
  • To keep abreast of new developments in the areas of school assessment teachers and keep appropriate school personnel informed of the same.
  • To complete all required reports of the parish and State Department of Education within timelines.
  • Meet the Professional Development requirements of Bulletin 1525.

You may apply on our website rrbulldogs.com or you may pick up an application at the School Board Office. 

If you have any questions, you may contact Nicole Eason at 318-271-3150.

Nicole M. Eason 

Red River Parish School Board

Human Resources Department 

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Riverdale Tennis and Track Team Members Advance

By Molly Seales

Riverdale Track Team members did a great job at this week’s South A Meet. Four of the team members advanced to the State/Overall Meet at Jackson Prep on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1. At South A this week, 8th grader Jadyn King placed 2nd in discus and 7th grader Makayla Pickett placed 4th in discus.  Both of these young ladies competed with varsity, and both of them advanced to the field events final on Friday.  In track events, senior Brennan Edie placed 2nd in the 200 meter dash and 4th in the 100 meter dash.  Junior Rylee Kate Woodard placed 4th in the 800 meter run. They both advanced to the track events final on Saturday. Good luck to all of our competitors!

Riverdale’s Tennis Team will be competing at the South A Tournament at Duncan Park in Natchez, MS, on Tuesday, April 27. Boys’ doubles teams competing are Will Jones/Luke Greer and Denver Williams/Brennan Edie.  Girls’ doubles teams competing are Lilly Guillot/Jadyn King and Pacey Lindsey/Charity Williamson. Girls’ singles competitors are Emma Clemons and Sidney Free, while cousins Mary Claire Jones/Paul Messenger will be competing in mixed doubles.  Good luck to everyone!  Go Rebels! 

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RRHS District Track Results 

The boys and girls track teams from Red River High participated in the District Track Meet last week.  The event was held at Winnfield High on Thursday afternoon.  Here are the results:


4×800 relay – 1st place
(Elliott grant, Ellis grant , Stanley Sibley, and Douglas Roberson)

4×200 relay – 2nd place
(Devin McDonald, Quinn Lewis, Zintayvious Smith, and Johnny Maxie )

4×100 relay -3rd 
(Stanley Maxie, Johnny Maxie, Zintayvious Smith, and Quinn Lewis)

1600 meter -2nd place 
Ellis Grant

High jump- 1st place
Brian Palmer 

Triple jump-1st place 
Zintayvious Smith 

Long jump- 2nd place 
Zintayvious Smith 

Shot put- 3rd place 
Lenard Mosley 

Discus -2nd place
Marcus Brewer 

Javelin- 3rd place 
Cameron Keith 

Outstanding Field Athlete 
Zintayvious Smith 


4×100 Relay 3rd place
(Kierra Smith, Cierra Smith, Lyrica Miller, and Precious Gray) 

Javelin- 2nd place 
Natyia Ross

Triple Jump- 1st place
Erica Babers 

Long Jump-3rd place 
Precious Gray

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LOCATION: Central Office

QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or equivalent, Associate or

Bachelor’s Degree preferred, excellent communication

skills, and proficiency in computer skills.

SALARY: According to Parish Salary Schedule


WHERE TO APPLY: Linda Page, Personnel Director

Natchitoches Parish School Board

P.O. Box 16

Natchitoches, LA 71458-0016

(318) 352-2358

DEADLINE: Monday, May 3, 2021

4:00 p.m.

APPLICATIONS: Application packet should consist of a letter of

application, resume’, official transcript, and two

letters of reference.

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Reporter Wanted

The Red River Parish Journal is seeking a reporter to cover local news, sports, and other events in the parish.  Good writing skills and ability to take photos are a must.  This is a part-time position and pay is per item published. 

Candidates should submit a brief resume and samples of items written.  Send via email to RedRiverParishJournal@gmail.com. EOE.

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ETC… for Wednesday, April 28th

The boxes got through.  Teacher Amanda Cason at Riverdale Academy notified The Journal that the gift boxes for members of the Coushatta National Guard unit have arrived in the combat zone.  Cason’s Beta Club members packed the boxes with gifts for soldiers.  They were mailed by Coushatta VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287.  This week Cason said that they got to their destination because one of her students received a thank you email from a soldier who got a box.

Union Hall Baptist Church will hold a “Huge Garage Sale” at the church on Saturday, May 1st beginning at 8:00 am.  Evelyn Longino said to tell everyone there will be “lots of everything, baby items, dishes, household goods, clothes, etc.”  Proceeds will go to Operation Christmas Child.  Union Hall is located south of Coushatta on US 71.

The 4-H office is getting ready for our Fun Day and Awards Picnic this Saturday at the Coushatta ballpark! Call the office 932-4342 to reserve your spot so that we prepare enough lunch!  Fun day will be 9:00 am to Noon.  Awards and lunch with parents will be Noon to 1:00 pm.

Clara Springs Baptist Camp is looking for Youth ages 15 & up or college kids to add to our Summer Ministry Team. We need workers that can help with running the archery/BB gun range, grounds crew, dorm clean-up, recreation team, kitchen helpers, Bible study leaders, dorm helpers, and lifeguards. It takes a lot of hands to provide all the various opportunities we provide for campers to come to know the LORD. If you or someone you know is interested follow this link and mail us an application to Clara Springs Camp 4420 HWY 177 Pelican, LA 71063. clarasprings.com/camp-staff…/camp-ministry-team

Dr. Jeffrey C. Mathews will step down as director of bands at Northwestern State University effective May 3. Mathews, an associate professor of music, will teach full-time and direct the NSU Wind Symphony and Chamber Winds in the 2021-22 academic year. Associate Director of Bands Dan McDonald has been named interim director of bands while a search for a permanent director takes place.  Mathews has served as director since 2013.

It was Parent-Teacher Conference day on Tuesday at Red River Academic Academy.  There was a twist.  It was a drive-in event.  See below.

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Baseball Playoffs Begin Monday

Bulldog Baseball is in the playoffs.  The team has a record breaking 21-11, the most wins in school history.  And Red River is seeded #15 in the LHSAA 2-A state power rankings.

Monday afternoon Delhi Charter, the #18 team, comes to the new Bulldog field for the first home playoff game in school history.  First pitch at 6:30.  Admission is $10.

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Melerine Wins BESE Seat

The District 4 seat on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has been won by Republican Michael Melerine.  He defeated Democrat “Cassie” Williams.  The final vote count had Melerine with 23,541 votes or 62%.  Williams had 14,546 or 38%

Turnout was very light in Red River Parish.  Only about 10 percent of registered voters cast ballots, either by absentee, early voting, or in person on Saturday.

In the parish, Melerine got 404 votes or 63%.  His opponent “Cassie” Williams received 236 votes or 37%.  Those percentages were about the same for the vote in the entire 10 parish 4th BESE District.

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Emmitt Ray Cason

Funeral services for Emmitt Ray Cason, 83, of Fairview Alpha, LA will be held at 3 P.M. Monday, April 26, 2021 at Fairview Baptist Church with Dr. Matt Endris officiating. Interment will follow in Fairview Cemetery. Visitation will be held from 2 P.M. until service time Monday at Fairview Baptist Church.

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Rabie Eloise Shive Coleman

Rabie Eloise Shive Coleman passed away Friday, April 23, 2021 after a brief illness at the age of 95. She was born as the 11th of 12 children October 25, 1925.

Graveside services will be held at 1 P.M. Monday, April 26, 2021 at Springville Cemetery with Dr. Greg Bell officiating.  Services under the direction of Rockett-Nettles Funeral Home, Coushatta, LA.

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ADA Explosion/Incident Update

Details are emerging concerning what ADA Carbon Solutions termed “an incident” at the ADA plant at Armistead.  Various media and other sources report that an explosion occurred and at least two people were burned/injured.

Here is what The Journal has learned.  It happened Thursday afternoon at the plant and there was an explosion and perhaps fire in the area at the top of the plant.  This is where a conveyor belt moves coal from the ground to the top. Two employees received burns and were treated on the scene by Red River EMS.  Then they were transported on two helicopters to University Health in Shreveport.

Identities and medical condition of the two is not available Friday morning.  The Journal asked Dennis Sewell, the V-P of Manufacturing for the ADA plant about injury to workers.  Sewell said, “A small number were affected.”  He declined to elaborate on how many or the extent of their injuries.

Red River Fire Department and Red River Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene.  Sheriff Glen Edwards confirmed to The Journal and other media that a fire had occurred and workers had been injured.  Edwards said their job was to secure the site and facilitate firefighters and EMS getting in and out.

The Acting Fire Chief, Jeremy Neal told The Journal they are under contract with ADA and are not able to release any information.  Neal referred The Journal to a company spokesperson, Tim Watley.  When we called the plant, a machine answered and we did not find Watley listed among company employees.  Later Thursday evening Dennis Sewell called returning messages the Journal had left.  Neal did confirm that none of the firefighters suffered injury while they worked at the plant.

The Journal Asked Sewell if there had been a fire.  Sewell would only say, “There was an incident in the plant.  We received assistance from the local fire department.  It is under control.  The fire department helped mitigate that.”

Sewell told The Journal that they are investigating the incident, so he could make no further comment.  It is not known if the State Fire Marshall has been called in to make their own investigation.

In the photo with this article, fire units can be seen in the lower left portion of the picture.

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Red River in Path of Severe Weather

Friday morning the National Weather Service in Shreveport issued an advisory for stormy weather today and tonight.  Here is their statement:

Strong to severe storms expected across portions of the area this afternoon, and possibly continuing through the overnight hours tonight into Saturday morning. Locally heavy rainfall will also be possible, which could result in isolated flash flooding.

Showers & thunderstorms will be on the increase today in wake of a warm front & ahead of an approaching cold front. Storms could be severe along with locally heavy rainfall. High temperatures today will range from the mid to upper 60s north to lower 70s south of Interstate 20.

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Structure Fire on Red Oak Road

Thursday morning units from the Red River Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire on the Red Oak Road.  The vacant house was totally involved when fire units arrived.

Acting Fire Chief Jeremy Neal said the property owner notified firefighters that the house was vacant and had been vacant for some time.  “She said squatters had been staying there from time to time,” and Neal added, “She advised that the property was not insured and to let it burn.  Her concern was that we protect her house next door.”

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