Incident at ADA Under Investigation

Red River Fire Units were still on the scene at ADA Carbon Solutions at Armistead past sundown Thursday.  They responded to a call from the plant in the afternoon.

No firefighters were injured during the operation.  Acting Fire Chief Jeremy Neal told The Journal he could give no details.  He said the fire department has a contract with ADA that prevents them from giving out any information.

The Journal spoke with Dennis Sewell, the Vice President of Manufacturing at the ADA plant.  He had little information to release.  Sewell said, “There was an incident at the plant and we received assistance from the local fire department.”  The Journal asked, “Was it a fire?”  Sewell replied, “The fire department helped us mitigate that.”

Regarding damage to the plant, any delay in the plant’s operations, and other inquiries were all answered with a no comment due to the investigation into the incident.

KSLA-TV is reporting that there was an explosion Thursday afternoon at the plant and they quote sources with the Red River Sheriff’s Office.  They quote other unnamed sources that two people had received burns.

The Journal asked Sewell, “Were there were any injuries?”  Sewell said, “A small number were affected.  I cannot comment until we’ve completed the investigation.”

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