End of Watch – April 7, 2021

A four-legged member of the Red River Sheriff’s Office is being remembered.  She is Cephira, the K9 partner of Randy Thomas, Sr.  Her watch ended on Wednesday, April 7th.

Thomas said, “She was my K9 partner for 11 years.  And she is at  the end of her of service. She has brought closer to many families throughout her career.  It  has been an honor to have served with her and proud to be her partner.”

Randy’s wife Pam Thomas, “She has been my shadow for 12 years. My co-pilot, my helper I’m the yard, baking cakes, whatever I did – she did. I will miss the  pitter  patter of her feet, her nudges, her playful attitude. 

“Cephira has a great name.  She has been on over 30 body searches in 12 years. She has given many families closure. Thank you Spencer Griffith for having the heart to purchase Cephira.  She was the best search dog and her service will be sorely missed.”

Spencer Griffith suffered a tragedy years ago.  And that lead to comforting other families.  Here is Griffith’s “A Dog Story:

Today has been a day of reflection for me. A chapter that affected many lives, which began 13 years ago came to a close today. This story began with the drowning death of our daughter Hannah Griffith, who was 15 at the time. Despite all efforts of recovery, which lasted for more than three weeks and involved as many as 15 different State Agencies and Sheriff’s Offices, Hannah was never recovered.

In the months after the accident, my entire family decided to try and do something to help others with the probability to get that “closure” that we were not able to have. With the help of many, many friends and family, we held a Memorial Team Roping to raise funds to go toward the purchase of a Cadaver dog for the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office….who had been so resilient in leading the search effort for Hannah.

Our good friend Deputy Randy Thomas, Sr. had agreed to be the handler, and after a long search for the perfect dog, Cephira was purchased and entered all of our lives! Right from the start, it was apparent that she was special.

It’s never a call that you want to get….but for the last 11 years Deputy Thomas and Cephira have served together and went wherever they were sent….and assisted in the recovery of many…to provide that closure to families who had lost loved ones. I don’t know the exact number, but I believe over 30 recovery efforts in that time, and Cephira was so reliable that I know of times when she and Randy were requested specifically. I truly believe that Cephira knew that she was a special dog, with special power, and put here to provide a special service. And even though we weren’t on all those recovery missions, and just played the small part of helping with her purchase….each time she was able to give that closure to another family….it helped our family heal a little bit more. Today Cephira’s service has come to an end. Father Time is undefeated, and now she has no more pain. She’s young and swift again…..and probably playing fetch with Hannah! We will be praying for ya’ll Mr. Randy & Mrs. Pam. We love ya’ll.

Griffith reminded The Journal that Cephira had been featured some years ago in a publication of the top search and rescue dogs.