Riverdale Cheer Prepares for 2021-22 School Year

By Molly Seales

With cheer season ending for the 2020-2021 year, cheer sponsor Sidney Jones had already started planning for next year and held a cheer clinic on March 4-5.  The purpose of the clinic was to see who was interested in cheer and show what it would be like to be a Riverdale cheerleader.  After the cheer clinic was over, the attendees told Sidney if they would be cheering for the 2021-2022 season. The 2021-2022 cheer squad is as follows:

Emma Clemons, Kenley Loftin, Renee’ Prosperie, Emily Kirkland, Gracie Stephens, Jadyn King, Kylie Donald, Molly Seales, Lilly Guillot, Rylee Hodge, Ava Procell, Kacie Harper, Emily Cason, Jessie Kate Cobb, Juila Grace Riggs, Makayla Pickett, Charity Willamson, Emma Giddings, Sarah Dabbs, and Chloe Jordan.

Cheer Captains are seniors Kenley Loftin and Renee’ Prosperie. Co-Captain is junior Emma Clemons. Cheer sponsor Sidney Jones had a lot to say about this cheer season. Sidney said, “I am extremely excited and blessed to be able to have the entire season with this group of girls.  We have many new faces this season, but that just adds to the excitement for this season. We have 20 girls, 13 of which are new.  There are endless possibilities with a squad this large.  I used to cheer at RA, and I don’t think we’ve had a cheer squad this big since I was in junior high, which was years ago!  I cannot wait to see the stunts we come up with! We will be attending camp in July to help us perfect our motions and stunts.  Hopefully we will be bringing home some amazing new ideas. My main goal for this season is to increase the school spirit and to just have fun! In my opinion RA is thriving right now and I want to keep that energy throughout the season.  We are already looking for things we can do that allow the entire school to be involved!  I not only want the cheerleaders to have fun, but also everyone else around us. Overall, I have loved the energy these girls have given me so far.  Everyone is very motivated and eager to be the best they can be!”

Renee’ Prosperie said, “My goals for this cheer season are to be very spirited, learn cool stunts, and to have a blast this season. With 20 girls this year on the cheer team, I know we can do and accomplish a lot of things.”

Kenley Loftin said, “My main goals are to build relationships with each girl and to get them to open up, I would also like to have as much fun as possible, and I’m very excited for this season.  I think it will be very successful and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish.”

The cheer squad is having a beach basket raffle to help pay for camp and new uniforms.  The basket is valued at over $500 value. The winner will receive two Tommy Bahama backpack beach chairs, a beach bag filled with beach towels and sunscreen, a beach blanket, a portable cornhole game, a Slammo game set, a backpack cooler, a tumbler cup, and other beach accessories! Tickets are $10, and you may contact any Riverdale cheerleader named above to purchase one!  The winner will be announced May 20, 2021. We look forward to a wonderful year in 2021-22!