Men’s Conference Held Saturday

The annual Men’s Conference was held last Saturday at Cowboy Church at Lake End.  There were shooting sports, fishing, ax throwing, and powerful messages for men.

Opening the conference was Bobby Cole from Ratcliff, Texas.  His message centered on the impact men have on their home and family.  Cole said he was raised in a rowdy home, but his life has changed since then.  “We need men who stand up and say this is what we’re going to do as a family,” said Cole.

Cole said, “This is the path I followed, after my father, until I met Jesus.”  He added, “We need to be talking to our kids about Jesus. This world is talking them to lead them down a road we don’t want them to go.”  Cole concluded with a message to the men at the conference to be witnesses for their faith.  “If we as Christian men don’t tell people about Christ, who will tell them?

After Cole spoke, the conference attendees went outside for some friendly competitions.  There was a Turkey Shoot or firing at a big role of hay with a target pinned to it.  There was skeet shooting competition.  Some of the participants took turns fishing.  That contest consisted of casting for accuracy or trying to put a weighted lure into a 5-gallon bucket.

Bro. Randal Beason brought an ax throwing trailer with targets about 10-feet away.  The object was to stick up an ax in the target at the end of the trailer.  Points were awarded based upon distance from the center of the target.

After the conference ended, Cowboy Church posted, “The Men had a wonderful time at the Men’s Conference!! Speakers were Amazing and the Food was Awesome!  Thanks to everyone for coming and those that helped!”