Council on Aging Board Holds First Meeting Since Pandemic Began

This week the Board of Directors of the Red River Council on Aging met for the first time in a year.  The board received a report on the effect the COVID-19 shutdown has had on operations and what the future might be as things reopen.

Director Liz Cannon reported that one of the most popular services, daily meals in the Depot Diner would have to wait a  while longer.  She said, “We need to get to beyond Phase III before the state will let us reopen.”  At present the Council is continuing to take hot meals to clients at their homes and providing take-out meals to clients who come by.  Cannon said she would attend a state meeting of council directors in Baton Rouge in late April and may have more on re-opening after that meeting.

The Council’s transportation programs are continuing.  Cannon said, “The major change is that the state Department of Transportation is now funding the program 100%.”  Cannon also reported they had received $94,165 in Payroll Protection Program funds to pay their workers.  She added, “We got forgiveness on that so we do not have to pay it back.”

The board voted to increase the pay of workers.  At the request of Director Cannon, the board agreed to a 3% raise for all workers.  It will be effective on July first.