Riverdale Academy Celebrates Read Across America Week

By Molly Seales

The week of March 1-5 was a very exciting week for the elementary and junior high students at Riverdale Academy as the school celebrated “Read Across America Spirit Week” in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Librarian Joni Riggs had a fun schedule of events for the students. Monday students wore mismatched socks in honor of Fox in Socks. Tuesday students wore their favorite hats in honor of The Cat in the Hat.  On Wednesday, in honor of Wacky Wednesday,students wore their clothes backwards, inside out, or mismatched. Thursday students were decked out in green in honor of Green Eggs and Ham. Friday was a favorite as students wore pajamas or comfy clothes in honor of Sleep Book.

This week was about more than dressing up and having fun.  Students in grades K-7th had a goal of reading and passing tests on 1,000 AR books.  If the students met the goal, they would be silly stringing their principal, Mr. Danny Rester. They came Monday morning ready to meet the challenge!  Mrs. Joni said, “The students not only met their goal-they crushed it early Thursday morning.” The students and teachers wanted to move the goal up to 1,500 books by noon Friday.  The library was very busy Friday morning, and at noon, Mrs. Joni announced that time was up, and she was about to figure the final count. The elementary and junior high students read and passed a total of 1,699 AR tests last week! Mrs. Joni could not even put into words how proud she was of the kids.

Each day of the week, Mrs. Joni had special treats for the students who read book and passed tests.  Some of the treats included cupcakes and popcorn.  Each day, the “bookworm” from each class (the student who read the most books that day) received a treat of gummy worms.  Mrs. Joni also drew 3 winners for door prizes each day.

On Friday afternoon at 1:45, the students and teachers gathered in the activities building for the “Silly String Celebration.”  Top readers from each class were given the honor of coloring Mr. Rester in silly string.  The class representatives were as follows:  Kindergarten-Remington Bamberg; 1st Grade-Ava Grace Waters; 2nd Grade-Hope Williamson; 3rd Grade-Lane Mancil; 4th Grade-Maddi Cason; 5th Grade-Chloe Spradley; 6th Grade-Layken Gates; 7thGrade-Charity Williamson; and 8th Grade-Jadyn King.  It was messy and fun, and Mr. Rester was a great sport.

There was an extra silly string surprise!  The 5th grade set a class goal of reading 500 books, and they surpassed the goal by reading a total of 612 books!  As a result, the entire class got to silly string their teacher, Mrs. Katie Williamson.

We are so proud of the students and their passion for reading. Riverdale Academy fosters the importance of reading across the curriculum, and the teachers know that “Readers Are Leaders.” Congratulations on the elementary and junior high students on a job well done. Dr. Seuss would be proud!