Water Service Returns to Coushatta

The Mayor said water is on everywhere.  He added there are still some areas where water pressure is low but building back up.

The final areas to get service returned, mainly down US 71 south of town, came back Wednesday or early Thursday.  Mayor Johnny Cox told The Journal town crews are still looking for leaks and “we’ll keep on looking until the system is totally repaired.

Coushatta is still under a boil advisory.  The Mayor said, “The town has been testing the water and it’s fine.  The boil advisory is just a precaution because the water had been off and the pressure had been low.”  He added, “Our water is clear and positive.  It’s just a precaution until we get the state tests back.”

There had been talk on social media about money the town got to completely rebuild the water system.  Many folks want to know why the money was not spent fixing the system before the winter storm.

Mayor Cox said there had been a lot of misinformation circulating.  He said, “We’re spending the town’s small budget to fix the leaks.  We have not received any money to rebuild our water system.”  Cox did say he expected the process to be completed soon.

Cox explained, The grants and loans from USDA totaling $7,000,000 have been awarded, but the money has not been received.  Cox said, “The paperwork process is ongoing and the town is still working on meeting all the requirements of USDA. We haven’t received any of it yet.”