Rural Water System Updates

Halfway Carroll Water System:

The boil advisory has been lifted on the Halfway Carroll Water System.  The system reported that water service had been quickly restored during the winter storm.  That no customers had been out of water for very long.  But the boil advisory had been posted for a time as a precaution.

Social Springs Water System:

Operator Barbara Griffith reported that all of their customers have their water service back on.  The boil advisory remains in effect.  Most customers who had burst pipes have done their repairs.  Tests showing that the water is safe should be back next week, so the boil advisory remains posted until that time.

Martin Water System:

Latest post:  The lines are being flushed throughout the water system. Water pressure might be low from time to time in your area for the next few days. Thank you for your patience!!

Hickory Grove:

From Board Member Christy Suggs, “The Hickory Grove Water System is running at full capacity. It is still under a boil advisory.  We do ask that customers continue to check for leaks and conserve as much water as possible.  Customers will be updated when the boil advisory is lifted.”